Part of LLDA’s goal in restoring the Laguna de Bay region to its former glory is eradicating pollution and combating global warming. That’s why today, 04 February 2019, LLDA, BFAR Region IV-A, and the city of Muntinlupa has entered into a memorandum of agreement, in which they pledge to conduct a series of tree planting activities in the lake region. This MOA signing was immediately followed by a kick-off tree planting activity in Barangay Tunasan, Muntinlupa.

The tree planting activity was conducted in the hopes of contributing to the fight against climate change, as well as prevent flooding and soil erosion within the area in the future. Employees of LLDA, BFAR, Muntinlupa City’s Lake Management Office, Ecological Sanitation Center, as well as representatives from Barangay Tunasan participated in the tree planting activities.

Aside from lending LLDA’s manpower for the tree planting activity, General Manager Jaime C. Medina has also pledged to help the Barangay of Tunasan in building their own nursery so they can grow their own seedlings for future tree planting activities. BFAR Region IV-A Director Sammy A. Malvas on the other hand has promised to help replenish the fish population within the lake—which is a major source of income for the citizens of—by providing fingerlings for lake seedlings.

LLDA looks forward in working closely with other local government units and agencies within the Laguna de Bay region to achieve the goal of a vibrant Laguna Lake one step at a time.