The Laguna Lake Development Authority equipped its employees with Survival Kits/Go Bags, so as to arm them – to some extent – during times of calamities and disasters.

Given that the Philippines is subject to several types of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and even tsunamis, and with the threat of man-made disasters such as fires, which poses as a big risk and potential damage to human lives, the LLDA provided orientation and drills to some of these emergencies, as well as the things to use should these occurrences happen – in the form of these kits.

These Go Bags, which contains items that may help one in times of distress such as water, food, first aid bandages, protective mask and gloves, and medicines, were provided by LLDA to its employees to ensure their safety in times of such dangers, so they may continue serving our clients and stakeholders, and our country, after facing and surviving such unfortunate instances.