As the only lake basin Authority in the country, member of the International Living Lakes Network and one of the founding members of Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO), we commit to:

Lead the sustainable development in the Laguna de Bay Region through effective and strict enforcement of water resources management laws;

Lead and continually improve our service delivery systems based on a certified quality management system for the satisfaction and trust of our stakeholders;

Develop and implement empirically-driven and science-based processes and decisions;

Adhere to legal requirements and other policies that serve to maintain the highest standards of the civil service.

“Ibalik ang Diwa ng Lawa”


By 2040, the Laguna de Bay Basin is an ecologically balanced resource that fosters vibrant economic development and sustains the needs of the present and future generations through the participation of empowered and responsible stakeholders.


To manage, develop and transform the Laguna de Bay Region into a vibrant economic zone through conservation of lake basin resources and good governance with the participation of empowered and responsible stakeholders.


Love of the Environment
“We, together with the participation of the empowered and responsible stakeholders, are foremost advocates of environmental protection and sustainable development in this day and age of climate change.”

“We adhere to the highest standards of civil service and professional meritocracy.”

“We believe in empirically-driven and science-based environmental governance and management.”

“We believe in change management and the value of innovation and creativity.”


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