Please be informed that the telephone trunklines of Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) are currently not available as of this moment due to technical malfunction.

You may dial the following numbers to reach the offices of LLDA listed below:

Name of Office Location Telephone Number Personnel in charge
Clearance and Permits Division / Enforcement Division Second Floor 8 376-4072 Julie Ann G. Blanquisco / Marivic A. dela Torre-Santos
Surveillance and Monitoring Division / Environmental Compliance Office (PCO Training) Second Floor 8 376-4039 Maileen J. Allosada / Pamela B. Padilla / Ms. Clarizze Camalig / Mr. Nodel C. Valencia
Administrative Division / Internal Audit Division Third Floor 8 376-4061 Dulce M. Burac / Mr. Ronald Pigtain
Finance Division Third Floor 8 332-2353 Yolanda O. Rivera / Ruth B. Secolles
Policy Planning and Information Management / Shoreland Management Office Fourth Floor 8 376-5430 Minerva F. Ramos / Rosanna G. Paje / Rhea L. De Castro
Office of the Assistant General Manager Fourth Floor 8 376-4067 Chona J. Francisco / Rhea L. De Castro
Office of the General Manager Fourth Floor 8 332-2346 Irene Luz G. Gaspar / Jennifer A. Lozeriaga

For other offices not listed above, you may reach them through their official email address:

Name of Office Email Address Personnel in charge
Legal and Adjudication Division Francois M. Cantara
Resource Management and Development Department Florida G. Baluyot
Project Development Management and Evaluation Division Giselle Ann C. Buban
Community Development Division Mark Anthony S. Malijan
Public Information Unit Jose Miguel L. Prodon
Office of the Board of Directors Joroni Guillermo
Shoreland Management Rhea L. de Castro
Environmental Laboratory and Research Division John Raymond C. Pascual

You may also reach our official Facebook page:

Thank you!