Please be informed that in spite of the General Community Quarantine imposed over Luzon and other parts of the country, the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) continues to accept applications for environmental permits and other frontline services as it strives to fulfil its commitment to public service under this new normal work environment.

The LLDA recognizes that, as a result of the COVID-19 quarantine measures that limits the mobility of individuals and the partial operation of many establishments, they may find it hard to personally submit its application for environmental permits and submission of its reportorial requirements.

Thus, to avoid personal contact and minimize the visit to our LLDA Offices to prevent possible transmission of COVID-19, as well as to transition to the exclusive use, as applicable, of electronic submission and payment procedures as the new normal, online submission of LLDA Clearance and Self Monitoring Report have been put in place and may now be accessed thru this link:

Also, as an interim measure, the LLDA will not require a notarized copy of the application and of the SMR at this time but will expect them to be returned upon lifting of the general community quarantine.

For queries on the use of these online facilities, you may send an email to