Memorandum Circular 2020-12: Registration Fees for the Pollution Control Officers’ Online Trainings and Programs.

Memorandum Circular 2020-11: Guidelines for the Conduct of Webinars for LLDA’s Continuing Environmental Education Program (CEEP) and Continuing Environmental Education Seminar (CEES) for Pollution Control Officers (PCOs).

Memorandum Circular 2020-09: Extension of Deadlines for Self-Monitoring Report, Discharge Permit Renewals and Filing of Permit to Operate Fishpens and Fishcages Until August 31, 2020 and Imposing Administrative Fine of P5,000.00 Due to Late Filing/Payment of Discharge Permit and/or Late Submission of Self-Monitoring Reports and Imposition of 2.50% Monthly Surcharge in Case of Fishpen and Fishcage Permits Effective September 1, 2020.

Memorandum Circular 2020-08: Rules and Procedures for Online Administrative Hearings before the Legal and Adjudication Division of Laguna Lake Development Authority, Pursuant to Board Resolution No. 584, series of 2020, as Approved by the Board of Directors on June 24, 2020.

Memorandum Circular 2020-07: Extension of Deadline and Alternative Modes of Filing and Submissions.

Memorandum Circular 2020-06: Suspension of issuance of Shoreland Development Clearance.

Memorandum Circular 2020-04: Modifying Item “A” of Memorandum Circular No. 01, Series of 2020 for the Purpose of Fishpen Registration in the Laguna de Bay.

Memorandum Circular 2020-03: Suspension of the Conduct of the Continuing Environmental Education Program/Seminar.

Memorandum Circular 2020-02: Suspension of Renewal of Regulatory Permits, Submission of Reportorial Documents and other Regulatory Requirements.

Memorandum Circular 2020-01: Extension of Application for Permit to Operate Fishpen and Fishcage in the Laguna de Bay for CY 2020.