Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) teamed up with the Bureau of Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Region-4A to deliver and disperse an estimated total of 51,000 Red Tilapia fingerlings in the Seven Lakes.

The Lakewide Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Councils (FARMC)s in Lakes Sampalok, Mojicap, Bunot, Palakpakin, Calibato, Yambu and Pandin act as partners in this program. Rearing and protection of the juvenile fish will be their primary role. The juveniles will be allowed to mature and reproduce before they can be harvested through open fishing.

Known to be a prolific species, Red Tilapia has been promoted by LLDA and BFAR to aid our fellow fisherfolks especially in this time of pandemic. Other fish species are also continuously being reproduced in the BFAR stations.

LLDA General Manager Jaime C. Medina expressed his gratitude to BFAR IV-A for always being responsive to the plight of our fisherfolks who are one among the most affected sectors of this Covid-19 pandemic. Though this activity has always been done in the past, it becomes more meaningful now for all parties since income from eco-tourism activities in this areas have dwindled.
The Seven Lakes lies in the City of San Pablo and the municipalities of Rizal and Nagcarlan in Laguna.