Kiosk System
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-231)

Garden Soil, Coco Coir, Etc.
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-230)

Supply of Labor and Materials for the Installation of Solar Panel and Solar Flood Light
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-229)

Consultancy Services for Laboratory Information Management System with Contract No. LIMS-2021-11
Eligibility Documents
Bidding Documents
Terms of Reference
Bid Bulletin No. 1

Provision of Gasoline and Diesel Fuels, Lubricants and other services with Fleet/Fuel Card Program System for the Motor Vehicles and Watercrafts of LLDA
Request for Quotation (FUEL-2021-01)
Terms of Reference

Supply of Labor and Materials for the Concreting of Remaining Road going to the LLDA Building including the Rehabilitation of the Carpark pervious Concrete (Contract No. WORKS-2021-12)
Bidding Documents
Bill of Quantities
Road Concreting Design Criteria
Bid Bulletin No. 1
Contract Agreement
Notice of Award
Notice to Proceed

Rebidding for the Fabrication, Supply And Delivery of Two (2) Units Floating Vessel (Contract No. VESSEL-2021-03)
Bidding Documents
Bid Bulletin No. 1
Notice of Award
Notice to Proceed

Supply and Delivery of 48 Pieces Glass Plaque
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-228)

Procurement of Five (5) units Multi-purpose Vehicles (Negotiated Procurement – Two Failed Biddings)
Request for Quotation (VEHICLE-2020-02)

Supply of Prefabricated Container Van
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-224)

Supply and Delivery of Vitamin C with Zinc
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-226)

Supply and Delivery of Prepaid Cards
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-225)

Job Order for the Hauling of Toxic & Hazardous Wastes
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-223)

Supply, Delivery, Fabrication and Installation of LLDA Pillars
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-220)
Bid Bulletin No. 1

Supply and Delivery of Various Office Supplies and Consumbles
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-214)