Consultancy Services for the Human Resource Management Information System (Contract No. HRMIS-2021-16)
Eligibility Documents
Bidding Documents
Terms of Reference
Bid Bulletin No. 1

Labor and Materials for the Production and Printing of the LLDA’s Official Newsletter
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-244)

Design and Build of Building Facilities for the Management, Treatment & Utilization of Water Hyacinth for Beneficial Use
Bidding Documents
Bid Bulletin No. 1
Bill of Quantities
Summary of Cost

Supply and Delivery of Various Information Technology Equipment
Bidding Documents
Bid Bulletin No. 1

Provision of Labor, Materials and Equipment for the Demarcation of 105 Fishcage Blocks Offshore of Laguna de Bay (Contract No. DEMARCATION-2021-13)
Bidding Documents
Bill of Quantities
Bid Bulletin No. 1

Rebidding of Various Laboratory Equipment
Bidding Documents (Contract No. LAB-2021-05)
Bid Bulletin No. 1

Extension of Submission of Request for Quotation for:

Supply and Delivery of Various Grocery Items
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-241)

Supply and Delivery of Prepaid Cards
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-240)

Request of Quotation (RFQ21-238)

Polyseed Inoculum
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-222)

Labor and Materials for the Supply and Installation of Partition Panels
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-236)

GPS with Subscription
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-235)

Brand New Access Point and PVC Printer ID
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-234)

Brand New External Storage
Request of Quotation (RFQ21-232)