Republic Act No. 4850 – An act creating the LAGUNA LAKE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY prescribing its powers, functions and duties, providing funds thereof, and for other purposes

Presidential Decree No. 813 – Amending Certain Sections Of Republic Act Numbered Forty Eight Hundred Fifty (R.A. 4850), otherwise known as the “Laguna Lake Development Authority Act Of 1966″.

Executive Order No. 927 – Further defining certain functions and powers of the Laguna Lake Development Authority.

Executive Order No. 121 – Creating The Mt. Makiling Reserve Area and Laguna De Bay Commission.

Executive Order No. 149 – Streamlining of the Office of the President.

Executive Order No. 349 – Adopting The Mt. Makiling Reserve Area and Laguna De Bay Region Master Plan, providing for the implementation thereof and for other purposes.

Republic Act No. 9275 – An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Water Quality Management and for other Purposes.