Self-Monitoring Report (SMR)

Q:   When is the deadline of SMR submission?
A:   The deadline of all SMR submission is until June 30, 2020 without penalty. Those who will submit SMR beyond the said date will be penalized.

Q:   How can we submit our SMRs? Is there any online submission?
A:   At the moment, we only accept SMR submission at our Quezon City office. We are in the process of developing an Online SMR submission. However, the launch date is not yet definitive.

Q:   Can we submit through e-mail?
A:   We cannot accept SMR submission through e-mail because of the limited storage capacity of LLDA e-mail accounts.

Discharge Permits

Q:   When can I renew my discharge permit?
A:   As of June 1, 2020 LLDA has resumed its operations. You may now visit our office to renew your discharge permit.

Q:   Can I renew my Discharge Permit online?
A:   Unfortunately, we do not yet offer online renewal of discharge permit.

Q:   What happens when the deadline for the renewal of my discharge permit was during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)?
A:   If the deadline for your discharge permit renewal coincided with the ECQ, you will be given until June 30, 2020 to renew your permit without being penalized.

Pollution Control Officer’s (PCO) Training

Q:   When is the next PCO Training and seminar?
A:   LLDA has suspended PCO training and seminar until further notice due to the restriction of mass gathering based on the guidelines released by the IATF on Emerging Infectious Disease for the management of COVID-19. LLDA will post an announcement on our Official Facebook page and website once PCO training and seminar are available again.

Q:   How can I renew my discharge permit without PCO accreditation?
A:   LLDA will temporarily waive the requirements of PCO accreditation in order to renew discharge permits until such a time that we can offer PCO training and seminar again.