Prior to 1996, the use of lake resources for aquaculture caused the uncontrolled increase in fish pens and fish cages, decline in lake productivity, and conflicts between marginalized fisher folks and fish pen operators. These socio-economic and environmental problems in Laguna de Bay prompted LLDA to formulate and approve the Zoning and Management Plan (ZOMAP) on January 1996.


Through the ZOMAP, lake resources are equitably delineated and allocated to various users for aquaculture operations, navigation, and open fishing. At the national level, the aquaculture operations in Laguna de Bay contributes significantly to fishery production (Israel, 2008).

Lake productivity is further improved through the maintenance of Rayap Fish Sanctuary in Talim Island, Rizal; Tabon Fish Sanctuary near Calamba, Laguna; and the Muntinlupa Fish Sanctuary in Muntinlupa City. With the assistance of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, regular lake seedings are conducted in these sanctuaries.

LLDA is assisted by the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Councils, Philippine National Police, Coast Guard, and other groups in the enforcement of fishery laws, rules and regulations in Laguna de Bay.