LLDA puts into action systems and programs such as Environmental User Fee System (EUFS), Public Disclosure Program (PDP), the Appropriation and Utilization of Surface Waters (Surface Waters) for the management of the lake waters and tributaries that flow into the Lake, to ensure their proper use and maintenance for the sustainability of the ecosystem.


The EUFS is a market-based instrument that applies the “Polluters Pay” Principle. It covers all enterprises within the lake region and requires them to obtain a Discharge Permit (DP)—a legal authorization for the enterprise to discharge their treated wastewater meeting the set environmental standards into the tributaries within the Laguna de Bay Region.


In addition to the EUFS, the LLDA under the PDP assesses the environmental performance of regulated establishments and Local Government Units (LGUs), and discloses the results thereof to the public. This mechanism is intended to motivate the industrial sector and LGUs to reduce their pollution.


Under the Surface Waters program, Water Permitting, Registration, and Monitoring programs are established and operated for the extraction of waters that are naturally open to the atmospheres, such as rivers, lakes, and streams within the Laguna de Bay Region.