The LLDA serves to maintain and improve the ecosystem of the Lake and the Region for sustainability, while taking into consideration the importance of the development of the people and community surrounding Laguna de Bay through community-based projects. LLDA continuously works not just to protect the environment, but also to help improve the economy and the lives of the residents within the Region through various livelihood projects.

In 2012, LLDA signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Trade and Industry, Region IV-A, and the Asian Social Institute to create a bamboo and water hyacinth livelihood program for identified groups, primarily the fisherfolk families of the Laguna Lake Region. This project also aims to promote women and youth empowerment, community development, and sound environmental management.


The Bamboo Negosyo Village, a project of LLDA since 2008 under its Laguna de Bay Watershed Bamboo for Life Program, establishes bamboo plantations in Lumban, Bay, and the mountainous areas of Pangil and Paete in the province of Laguna, and around the shoreland area in Taguig City. This project provides an alternative livelihood to the project co-operators through various bamboo enterprises, and additional incentives are also given through the provision of bamboo houses for each beneficiary family.


In partnership with various stakeholders, the LLDA established the river rehabilitation program “Adopt-A-River,” which is envisioned to protect and rehabilitate the various river systems through river segmentation, community participation and involvement, information, education and motivation campaigns, establishment of ecoparks, and development of a sustainable funding mechanism.