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30-31 March 2017; Manila, Philippines

Rationale and Objectives of the Conference

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) in collaboration with The World Bank will hold a National Conference on Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) to present what has been accomplished and arouse greater interest on NCA towards paving its way for its mainstreaming in development agenda. More specifically, the conference aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • improve the scientific and policy aspects of natural capital accounting in the Philippines through exchange of knowledge, insights and experience among policy makers, scientists, practitioners and advocates;
  • provide a platform to disseminate results of researches and current undertakings among key actors in NCA and related subject matter;
  • collate and synthesize available technical analyses relevant for the implementation of natural capital accounting in the Philippines, highlight major issues and concerns, identify data gaps and impact pathways, and discuss policy directions at local and national levels; and
  • identify effective modes of collaboration towards further strengthening capabilities in NCA and other related methodologies and tools ;

Conference Scope and Topics

The conference will comprise of oral and poster presentations on NCA and related topics covering the theories and concepts; methodologies, tools and techniques; data structure, organization and management; and data analysis and imputations for policy decisions across different levels. In particular, the conference will cover the following themes:

  • Theme 1: Integrated frameworks and tools in natural capital accounting. This theme aims to highlight the various theoretical and conceptual frameworks in the analysis of benefits from natural resources and environment (e.g. SEEA, Total Economic Value, Payments for Ecosystem Services, Ecosystem-based approaches, etc). It will showcase results of current efforts in natural capital accounting as well as innovations in relation to managing impact on natural capital. Valuable lessons from the use of different methodologies and approaches will be shared to identify opportunities and improve strategic management and decision making.

  • Theme 2: Re-thinking the importance of natural capital. This theme will explore the risks associated with mismanagement of natural capital and the economic, social and ecological opportunities to be gained from more intelligent management and restoration of ecosystems at different scales. Experiences and innovations in mainstreaming natural capital into decision-making across various scales, data interpretation and imputations, data for citizen sciences and partnerships, capacity building, sensitivity analysis for decision making, poverty and distribution of ecosystem services, etc.

  • Theme 3: Financing, Investment and Natural Capital Accounting. This theme will try to show why results of natural capital accounting are now being considered seriously by financial institutions and how these results are being integrated in investment decisions. What are the emerging trends in terms of lending, investment and insurance.

  • Theme 4: Data and data management in natural capital accounting. This includes tools and approaches in data analysis and modeling, spatial econometrics, application of GIS and remote sensing techniques, value-transfer, meta-analysis, integration of multidisciplinary and multi-scale data for environmental assessment.

Call for abstracts and Submission of abstracts/full papers

  • Deadline of submission for paper and poster presentation will also be 31 January 2017.
  • Notification of selected abstracts (both for paper and poster presentation) will be made on 14 February 2017.
  • Full paper of selected abstracts, together with revised abstracts (for those with edits or comments), and poster presentation will have to be submitted on or before 28 February 2017.

Secretariat's Contact Details
Abstracts and full papers must be submitted to:
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For the concept note of the national conference, abstract format and full paper format, please refer to these websites: or