Tanay Watershed Enhancement

Municipality / Province : Tanay, Laguna
Actual Project Cost : Php 30,563,497.00
Project Completion : 2008

The Tanay Micro-watershed Sub-project set out to improve the water quality in the Laguna de Bay watershed by addressing various pollution sources within the Municipality of Tanay specifically the pollution point source of the old landfill is addressed by decommissioning and reclamation and the establishment of material recovery facility while non-point sources of pollution are being managed through streambank stabilization and reforestation.

This consists of five project components:, Reforestation, Flood Control and Livelihood (Sustainable Agriculture).

Daranak Falls Eco-tourism

The Daranak Falls is enhanced as an eco-tourist destination. This is a popular summer getaway for local and neighboring towns. This is also a popular shooting venue for local movies and television.

Materials Recovery Facility

This helps the community on waste segregation and reduction as well as source of livelihood. The local farmers and the community benefit from the produced compost as a source of low cost soil.


Like the Livelihood component, the Indigenous People (IPs) benefits


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