Municipality / Province : Siniloan, Laguna
Actual Project Cost : Php 4,068,330.60
Project Completion : Operational

The Community-based Solid Waste Management Component

This component include renovation of the existing structure, procurement of additional equipment and the construction of a septic/holding tank for the leachate that will be generated during the operation.

Existing Waste Disposal Facility

The project will also introduce Systematic activities in recovering non-Biodegrdable waste and the processing of Compostable waste into fertilizer/compost.

Each barangay is required to implement their own waste management activity in order to meet the objective of the component and that is to substantially Comply with the provisions of RA 9003.

The Buruwisan Eco-Tourism Component

Buruwisan Falls is the favorite destination of hikers not only from Siniloan but other towns of nearby provinces and Metro Manila. Depending on the visitor, it can be reached via a three hour trek (more or less).

To facilitate the long trek, the project will establish pit stops or rest areas along the way and also improve the trail/pathway.

To ensure the safety of the trekkers, handrails will be constructed along the pathways/trails.

Watershed Management Protection

Protection of the watershed is an integral component of any natural tourist attraction. In order to supplement the fund for watershed rehabilitation and protection activities, the sub-project will put a certain percentage of whatever income that will derived for this purpose.