REPUBLIC ACT NO. 4850 An act creating the LAGUNA LAKE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY prescribing its powers, functions and duties, providing funds thereof, and for other purposes
PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. 813 Amending Certain Sections Of Republic Act Numbered Forty Eight Hundred Fifty (R.A. 4850), otherwise known as the “Laguna Lake Development Authority Act Of 1966".
EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 927 Further defining certain functions and powers of the Laguna Lake Development Authority.
EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 121 Creating The Mt. Makiling Reserve Area and Laguna De Bay Commission.
EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 149 Streamlining of the Office of the President.
EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 349 Adopting The Mt. Makiling Reserve Area and Laguna De Bay Region Master Plan, providing for the implementation thereof and for other purposes.
REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9275 An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Water Quality Management and for other Purposes.